Welcome to this VLI student collaboration site! This is where VLI students and instructors will find the necessary tools to collaboratively work together on assignments. They will find general information and several menu links displayed at the top of this page. This site has been purposefully designed to facilitate peer mediation within a community of learners with instructor feedback opportunities.

Access to this collaboration framework website is restricted to VLI cohort members and requires students to obtain log-in permission before they can access the available tools and other pages.

Once registered this site allows structured cohort-discussions to take place in strategically arranged, securely managed, online teams.

The architecture of this site is based on open software and social-constructivist (Vygotskian) theoretical principles where diverse opinions/solutions can be explored and evaluated within confined communities of learners and subsequently compared with solutions arrived at in other learner pods as well as in total cohort discussions.

This framework allows for both controlled synchronous and asynchronous communications between VLI cohort members.

Peer mediation is seen as integral to ‘effective’ and ‘affective’ learning.