Guidelines for Final Design Project

Instructions for Assignment

Final Design Project: This space can be hosted in a variety of formats, (i.e., Moodle Shell, Weblog, Wiki Space, etc.) and your group is responsible for choosing the space that makes the most sense given your content and the dynamic objects and interactivities (i.e., Podcasts, videos, games, and/or any other digital objects) you will produce. A link should be provided to this space.

Curriculum Guide: You will create a curriculum guide so that another educator could make use of your Final Design Project. It is not necessary to re-author the entire Curriculum Guide: you should be able to re-purpose significant pieces from your Design Project Proposal. The curriculum guide should:

  • Clearly articulate the purpose and goals of your design space.
  • Provide a User Guide for Interactivities, digital objects, or other resources such that another educator could make use of your Final Design Project
  • Include an Assessment Model that will indicate whether the proposed Objectives have been achieved

“Excellence” column in marking Rubric


Curriculum Guide (Mike)

The guide is easy to navigate and makes the design space easily applicable to other educators. Writing is full of creative, original ideas that support the main argument. Ideas are organized, presented clearly, and writing is free of errors. APA citations are used correctly

Educational & Scholarly Significance  (part of curriculum guide:  rework proposal)

The design project is informed by appropriate scholarship and is significant in relation to current trends in educational technology.

Design, Technologies, and Interactivities (Dave)

The design project evidences strong awareness of the learners and the interactivites are appropriate and innovative for the learners. The design creatively integrates appropriate technology.

Individual Reflection (Mike and Dave)

The learning experience being reflected upon is relevant and meaningful to student and course goals. The reflection moves beyond simple description of the experience to an analysis of how the experience contributed to student understanding of course concepts. The reflection demonstrates ability to question their own preconceptions and define new modes of thinking as a result.

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