Suggestions For Design Project: Part I–Design Space

Based on the feedback from our Design Proposal, the Tools and Suggestions, and assignment Rubric, I have the following suggestions.

Design Space”

This is the actual artifact, our WordPress/BuddyPress/BBPress Collaboration Site.  It needs to have the following elements:

1)  “Strong awareness of the learners”
I assume this to mean is student-centred and attends to the need that we laid out in our proposal.  We received a mark of “Excellent” on our design focus, so I feel we can stick to our original plan

2)  “The interactivites are appropriate and innovative for the learners.”

The comments on this were a bit confusing.  She indicates that our interactivities are “appropriate” and a “good fit between objectives and plan for object”.  Somehow we score lower on “achievable scope” “appropriate plan” and “clear design plan”.  I don’t know what this means.

3)  “The design creatively integrates appropriate technology.” 

In her comments on the proposal, Diane said “…I like the online collaboration idea – you are on the right track…D”

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