Suggestions For Design Project: Part II—Curriculum Guide

Based on the feedback from our Design Proposal, the Tools and Suggestions, and assignment Rubric, I have the following suggestions.

 Curriculum Guide

This is the write up that serves as a “user guide” for other educators and needs to contain the following elements:

1) “ is easy to navigate”
The curriculum guide is a “write up” so by “navigate” I suppose she means “presented in a logical order”
2)  “Ideas are organized, presented clearly, and writing is free of errors”
Although presented as a different rubric item, this sounds just like “easy to navigate”.
3)  “Writing is full of creative, original ideas that support the main argument (articulate the purpose of the design space)”
Diane mentions that much of this can be borrowed from the Design Proposal.  We had a relatively low score on “Research-based description of learners” and “My Side Bias”, so that could be improved.  She also comments:  “You need to focus on digging deeper into some of the questions asked of the proposal in order to create a stronger foundation for your ideas…”
4)  “is informed by appropriate scholarship”
This seems like a subset of item 3).  We scored well on many of these rubric items in our design proposal, including “Good use of research literature”, “appropriate literature choices”, and “research based framework”
5)  “APA citations are used correctly”
She commented that our formatting was a bit poor.  More attention will have to be paid to this.
6)  “includes an assessment model for proposed objectives”
I’m not yet sure what this means??


  1. Hi Mike,

    I will be working on a user’s guide this morning as a sub-heading under “Welcome” In the header menu. This should address “is easy to navigate”.I also added a video for the front “Welcome” page. Take a look whether appropriate in this location. It gives an early focus on the reason for our design; mutual student support and mentoring.

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