Membership has its rewards!

Members are divided into levels of access, set by the instructor/teacher/professor.

As a member, you have access to several complementary services.

  • WordPress blog space.
  • BuddyPress social networking
  • bbPress forum participation
  • iFlyChat for synchronous communication

WordPress provides both general information ‘Pages’ and ‘Posts’. Pages contain ongoing site information, while Posts contain short-term, just-in-time content. Both Pages and Posts may, or may not, be set to allow blog functionality.

BuddyPress is your social networking home, where you may create your own specific private circles by inviting ‘Friends’ to share your thoughts with. Your topics are defined by you and no marks are associated with such social communications. It is intended as a space for friendship-bonding, or off-the-record brainstorming.

bbPress is the core application on this site. Private Group (Team) Forums of 5 or 6 cohort students are created by your instructor and defined by your instructor. This is where you and your assigned ‘Team’ focus on finding solutions to assigned tasks, sharing your ideas in your assigned sub-cohort before presenting your worked-out team ideas, concepts, or proposals to the Total-Cohort for feedback and further reflection.

The Total-Cohort Forum is, just as the name indicates, a communication space where the whole class meets online for exchanging ‘Team’ information and ideas and/or to receive information as a total cohort group from either internal or external online expert sources.

Note: Groups allow users to organize themselves into specific public, private or hidden sections with separate forum activity streams.


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